SolusiPlus© PROFILE

© Corporation aspires to be an admired company in Indonesia, which delivers high values to the stakeholders through the deployment of the best available information and management technology.

In the wholehearted effort to make that dream a reality, we firstly pursue trusted customer relationship by creating and adding value to customers by the deployment of solutions that conform to the best IT & management practices. Equally important is how we can develop high return business portfolio through continuous expansion in strategic and profitable investments. All ventures that we enter into should maximize SolusiPlus's business value and, in return, sustain our growth.

There are three core values that inspire what we do and how we do things. SolusiPlus© should reflect :
Quality of Customer Service
Quality of Work Life

All our members must abide by ethical practices that infuse pride in our community and people, strive to meet or exceed customers' expectations of service quality and maintain a balanced lifestyle that promotes productivity at work yet nurtures social-personal life

Our Vision
Become the competitive and excellence commercial venture in study and consultancy services in global market through professionalism.

When SolusiPlus© consultants come to work each day, it is to develop and implement ideas with impact — innovative ideas that will enable business leaders to envision fundamental change and realize extraordinary results.
"We’re the only high value management consultants with full service capabilities. That means we can do much more than work with clients to articulate their strategic destinations. We can also help with the implementation that gets them there."
"I believe in results. I think that’s what my clients expect from me, and I know it’s what I expect from myself."
"We have a very collegial environment at A.T. Kearney. We work with our clients in a dynamic atmosphere that values creativity and generates some really exceptional thinking."

Our Mission
At SolusiPlus©, our mission is clear and unequivocal : to help the world’s leading corporations gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound, tangible results for our clients.
Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, on organizational change or strategic business technology, our people are committed to helping clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics.

We accomplish these goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of specific industries. Our consultants are known for their highly collaborative, team-oriented approach to working with our clients and with each other.

Our Organization Structure / Our People

Our Key Person

Founder and President Director : T. Susanto

Certified Master IT Project Manager, Alumni of Information Technology ITB (1986) and University of Strathclyde - United Kingdom (1990), Senior IT and Management Consultant, experience as IT and management consultant more than 15 years .

Susanto’s key area of expertise is specialize in putting practical, budget-friendly technology solutions and the knowledge to use them productively to work for businesses - the drivers of Indonesia's economy - and mission critical social institutions including local governments, education, social empowerment, and health care institutions. His vision is behind the SolusiPlus© concept, and his strong skills as an strategic planner and educator have created a supportive, dynamic work environment in which talented young employees can be creative and productive.

Key Qualifications :
Business analyst and IT solution provider
IT Architect
IT Project Management
Strategic Management and Performance Measurement System

Memberships :
Member of ITB Alumni (IAI), 2004
Member of Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSCol), 2001
Member of Project Management Institute (PMI), 2000

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